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Jess, is a freelance illustrator and origami tutor, self proclaimed paper addict and cake enthusiast. The creative sitting at The Ricketty Desk.

She creates a collection of colourful goods, including but not limited to: corporate & children’s book illustrations, printables, portraits, photography composites and greeting cards right here in the fabulous Kingdom of Fife!

She also runs regular origami and paper craft workshops for children and adults.

In 2020 Jess teamed up incredible Jenny, photographer and owner of JB Moments Photography, creating an amazing gift experience that results in a bespoke piece of art that is uniquely yours, check out this brand new concept here – Sketchography.

Activity packs and colouring in sheets are available through The Ricketty Desk’s Etsy shop and Jess’s card designs can be brought via Thortful.






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  1. When I was invited to experience a completely unique family photo shoot by JB Moments and The Ricketty Desk I was filled with trepidation if I’m honest. We’re not a family of natural posers and the thought of posing in a studio had us breaking out in a sweat!

    Also, how would I best describe what Sketchography even is? Well let’s tackle that one first…

    Sketchography is a unique collaboration between between JB Moments and The Ricketty Desk which results in you receiving a completely unique and ready to hang piece of art for your home.

    The experience starts from the moment you book when you are sent some fun questions to answer as a family so Jess and Jenny can begin to get to know you a little better and Jess uses your answers as the basis for her illustrations.

    Next you head to Jenny’s home studio for your photo shoot and then Jess illustrates a beautiful piece of art that is uniquely yours.

    We opted for the Family Crest experience and I can say without a doubt that we are photo shoot converts…. well that is as long as it’s always Jenny shooting us! It’s hard to explain how skilled Jenny is at putting you at ease, she must be magic? She’s laid-back, funny and nothing that the kids (or dog) could do, phased her. She had us all in fits of laughter and the resulting photos she took (well at least the ones she picked) are absolute keepers. We left with a lollipop each (yep even the grown ups) and having to gently explain to the kids that nope, we can’t come every week 🤣

    Next up, Jess and again the nerves set in. Would the crest she created reflect us as we would like? Would it be the type of art we’d buy? Well of course it would. Jess is an incredibly talented illustrator who manages to create playful, beautiful pieces of art that are full of detail.

    What more can I say? Take a look at the finished article, which I think speaks for itself! For us, knowing that we have a piece of art that is unique to us and that we’ll love for years to come, is priceless and we can’t thank Jenny and Jess enough.

    Sketchography experiences start from
    £100 and you can find out more information on Jenny’s or Jess’s websites.

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