TeePee Slumber Stars

Magical sleepover experiences in Fife.

TeePee Slumber Stars create magical sleepover experiences in Fife. Whether for a birthday or just a treat let us come into your home and create the most amazing sleepover for your child.


We come in at a time that suits you set up everything and then come the next day to collect.


Choose from our awesome themes and let us create memories your child will never forget.


TeePee Slumber Stars is run by mum of one Angela.  She was always looking for exciting ideas for her daughter’s birthday and she saw this concept and thought it would be a great fit for Fife.  Her background is working with children and because of this, she has a great understanding of their likes and what catches their imagination. She has put this experience into the fantastic themes TeePee Slumber Stars offer to give your child a magical sleepover experience they will remember.


Contact information:

Tel: 07783 019182

Email: Angela@TeePee-SlumberStars.co.uk



2 reviews

  1. Hi I would like to enquire about a price for kids teepee hire for 4 children on Saturday 14th December?
    Many thanks
    Clare Hall x

    1. Hi Clare, if you could please email Angela at TeePee Slumber Stars – angela@teepee-slumberstars.co.uk she’d be delighted to hear from you. Many thanks.

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