Rock-a-bye Baby Massage

Baby Massage Classes

Rock-a-bye Baby Massage Classes.  Enjoy quality time relaxing with your baby. Learn how to massage your baby while enjoying songs, rhymes and sensory relaxation.  Learning baby massage and its many benefits will provide you with the skills to calm an irritable baby and help you both to relax.  Overall, baby massage will allow you time to connect with your baby and enhance a loving bond.  Full information available on our website and Facebook page.



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  1. We love going to baby massage with Claire each week. My little boy loves it, it’s a great place to meet other mums and Claire offers a really friendly and relaxed environment, can’t recommend highly enough X

  2. We have been attending rock-a-bye classes since my little boy was 3 weeks old! He is now 10 months! Claire is so engaging with the babies and her classes are just brilliant! We loved baby massage, moved on to baby yoga and now attend the monthly illuminate classes, these classes are different every month and my little boy loves them and loves to explore everything that Claire has to offer!

  3. I have been taking my little boy to Claire’s classes since he was 4 weeks old, he enjoyed both massage, yoga and more recently the new illuminate classes. Claire’s classes are great fun. They are the perfect size, giving you a chance to interact with the other mums and make friends. Claire is so welcoming and makes you feel at ease throughout the classes. My little boy is now 11 months old and we will really miss attending these classes now I am back at work.

  4. Brilliant class! The group is never too big so it’s a nice environment to join in with, its great to learn the correct way to massage & it’s so relaxing for baby. My wee one always slept better after massage! Win! Couldn’t recommend more highly x

  5. Would highly recommend rockabye massage with Claire, great for bonding with your baby and totally relaxes them, also great for meeting new mummy friends. We went for 7 months and was gutted when it was time to move on

  6. Thoroughly recommend Claire at Rock-a-bye, my little boy loved her baby massage classes.

    He was always very content in class and it was a lovely bonding time for us.
    Claire is very friendly and professional, she always made sure everyone in the class was at ease and got the most out of their time with their babies.

    The classes were very relaxing for both of us and it was great to be able to use the techniques I’d learned at home, especially after bath time.

    If you’re thinking of trying a baby massage class, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Claire. She offers a great choice of times and locations to choose from.

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