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At ONFife we manage four venues across Fife: Adam Smith Theatre in Kirkcaldy, Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline, Lochgelly Centre in Lochgelly and Rothes Halls in Glenrothes.

All year long we host events and theatre shows that kids across Fife will love! During the Easter, summer and Christmas school breaks we aim to have a selection of events that will educate and entertain children of all ages across Fife.

Don’t forget about our magical Christmas offerings, including our main Christmas panto at Adam Smith Theatre.




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  1. A wee trip down memory lane

    Claire, Jess and kids were invited along to be some of the first in Fife to see The One Man Shoe with On Fife Theatres, read all about our experience (and giggles) here:

    Today we went on a wee trip down memory lane and had the privilege of seeing One Man Shoe at The Rothes Halls with OnFife Theatres, a wonderfully traditional, old-fashioned slapstick comedy show.

    If your kids love ‘You’ve Been Framed’ then they won’t fail to laugh throughout this act and if you fancy a nostalgic step back in time to the days of seaside variety shows and Charlie Chaplin, you’ll love it too. Mixed with circus tricks and magic it’s a great way to introduce mime and showmanship to little ones. You can’t help becoming engrossed in this funny tale of mishaps.


    Charlie and I weren’t sure what to expect today, our first experience of Rothes Halls and a show with just one actor. 5 minutes in we’d had a stinky sock plus a banana skin thrown at us, seen at least one how-did-he-do-that magic trick and were totally hooked on what Jango Starr would do next.

    What Charlie (age 5) had to say:

    Did you enjoy the One Man Shoe?


    What was your favourite part?

    When the entertainer pretended to be asleep and the magician costume came to life! It was really magical and clever, how did it move?!

    What was the funniest bit?

    I laughed lots and lot when he whacked himself in the face!!

    Would you see it again?


    Who would you tell to go and see it?

    My Nana and brother, they love a good giggle!

    Describe the One man Shoe in three words:

    Fantastic, brilliant and very very silly!


    You might not know this, but my background is in theatre management so I love to take T to see a wee show and hope to impart my love of theatre onto him. So far he has loved everything I’ve taken him to and today was no different. One Man Shoe is a fabulously traditional slapstick comedy and magic show and I enjoyed telling T all about Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy afterwards. We both thoroughly enjoyed Jango Starr’s performance and T was disappointed to learn that he doesn’t have an accompanying tv show.

    What T (age 6) had to say:

    What did you think of One Man Shoe?

    It was amazing!

    What was so amazing about it?

    When he threw his stinky sock and banana at us.

    He was a bit clumsy wasn’t he?

    I liked all his clumsiness.

    Who else do you think would like a show like that?

    My school friends and my gran would love it.

    What three words would you use to describe it?

    Good, funny and clumsy!

    Jango Starr’s One Man Shoe was a hit for every single person who attended today, evidenced by the loud laughter from the kids and adults alike and once again OnFife are ensuring that their ticket pricing really accessible, with tickets priced at just £5 for all.

    You can catch Jango Starr at the following venues before he leaves:

    Sat 9th June 2018 @ Adam Smith Theatre

    Sunday 10th June 2018 @ Carnegie Hall

    All opinions expressed are entirely honest.

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