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Mini Professors offer amazing preschool science classes for children aged 2-5 years, birthday parties up to 7 years and  nursery sessions that meet the Scottish Curriculum! We take big scientific principles and share them in a way that excites and engages children, with hands on experiments, bespoke videos, story telling and much more!

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    Physical Classes.

    I’m not going to lie; I was pretty excited when we were offered the opportunity to experience a Mini Professors class as it was my youngest who was in the age bracket to go to this one. She can be quite a shy wee thing and I have been mulling over potential classes that she might enjoy if I was able to stay with her. We were lucky enough to be able to attend one of Professor Hannah’s classes in person, just before lockdown hit and little L loved it from start to finish.

    Hannah greeted her with her very own professor coat and badge and invited us to explore some of the themed story books before the class begun. She then led us through a fantastic interactive class where we learned all about the North and South poles, taking part in experiments, listening to stories and singing songs. Hannah is extremely personable and each one of the children in attendance were completely engaged with her throughout… no mean feat when you’re dealing with pre-schoolers. We had such a lovely time and were so disappointed when lockdown hit as we had planned to sign up properly to Hannah’s classes.

    Online Classes.

    Thankfully, Mini Professors, like so many classes, has moved online. And not only that, the classes have expanded to suit a wider age range and are perfect for 2-8-year olds, so both my children can be involved. Because Hannah is so completely lovely, she invited us to have a try of an online class too and to say my children loved it is an understatement. The theme of our online taster was light and dark, and we completed two great (but simple to follow) experiments within our very own little dark den.

    Hannah helpfully sends out a list of the materials you’ll need for your experiments in advance so you can be fully prepared, and the kids loved helping me to get everything together. As the experiments are explained and demonstrated clearly there’s little opportunity to go wrong (which is a regular feature of experiments we try to follow on YouTube), thus resulting in happy children and happy mum.

    We genuinely enjoyed every minute of our online taster class. It was fun and educational and certainly provided a welcome break to my own attempts to home school.

    At just £4.25 per class per household they are also very cost effective. So much so that we have decided to sign up as fully paying customers and we can’t wait for our next class.

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