Merbabies Swim School

Parent & Child, Baby to Pre-School Age Swim Classes

Parent & Child, Baby to Pre-School Age Swim Classes

Babies are amazing and what they can do in the water and how quickly they learn and progress is both astonishing and a huge amount of fun for parent and baby. We want every parent and child to experience the joy of having fun in the pool together, and feel proud as they see their little one become water confident, laying the foundations for early swimming.  Merbabies swim classes are designed specifically to teach an accredited, progressive learn to swim programme with a complete emphasis on learning through play. We use fun, and engaging lesson plans, incorporating sensory play, songs, games and fun activities that differ every week. We have been to the circus, been on a space mission, learned about food and drink, had an arctic adventure and had transport themed classes recently; All while progressing through the STA’s international learn to swim programme.

We swim in the lovely warm pool at Inverkeithing High School on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.  We offer catch up classes, refer a friend rewards, underwater photo shoots, and a huge amount of fun every week.

We’d LOVE you to join us. Please book online at

or get in touch if you’d like any more information and we hope to meet lots more of you very, very soon. And if you’d like to pop along for a trial class before signing up, please just let us know.

Saturday and Sunday Mornings

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  1. A Big Thumbs Up!

    The Fife for Kids team were paid to review Merbabies Swim School, find out what co-founder Claire had to say about her experience here:


    I’m going to be honest, swimming is my least favourite activity to do with the kids. I know they love it, but I always find the pools cold and because I’m usually the one holding L while she bobs about, I’m even colder. So in general, I don’t love it.

    But, it’s a life skill and I’ve been planning on looking at lessons for L for a while. T’s lessons are the traditional arm-bands ones so I was intrigued to find out what Merbabies would be like since they don’t do arm bands.

    Firstly, I was delighted to find that the pool in Inverkeithing High was lovely and warm. Honestly, an actual warm pool. What a treat! First hurdle down.

    L is a shy little one. She’s unsure of new people and clings to me like a Koala each time we go swimming (even though she says she likes it) so I was a little worried about how she would be.

    I’d love to say that she loved every single second but that would be a lie. She cried as soon as Emma-Lou, the teacher looked at her, but thankfully this didn’t last. Emma-Lou is just so lovely and warm, she engages with the little ones, but not too much so they still feel safe with their parents. She is clearly really experienced with little ones and set out fun games throughout the lesson. She made it clear that if anyone did not want to do something this was ok. No pressure to just dunk your baby right under the water…phew! It would be hard not to like her.

    About 8 minutes into the lesson L was holding on to the side of the pool unaided and grinning from ear to ear. She blew bubbles in the water AND she let me partially submerge her. This from a girl who cries if her brother splashes her in the bath, is MASSIVE. I was honestly shocked at her confidence in the lesson within just a few minutes.

    We had a really fun 30 minutes and L then asked me for the rest of the day if she could go back. It’s fair to say the classes get a big thumbs up from us. So much so that I will keeping an eye out for the expansion into week day classes in our area.

    All opinions expressed are entirely honest.

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