Fun French and Spanish classes for kids aged from 0-11yrs

Fun French and Spanish classes for kids aged from 0-11yrs. Learning through a mixture of songs, games, role play and stories.

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  1. A Fantasico Time

    Claire went along with T & L to review Kidslingo last September prior to the launch of Fife for Kids. Kidslingo have agreed for this review to be posted with their listing on Fife for Kids website.

    Read all about Claire and her families ‘fantastico’ time here:

    I’ve always been keen for my children to learn a language and as research shows that the earlier children start to learn a new language the easier it will be for them to improve their linguistic skills in later life. Preschool and school age classes are both available in the Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy area so you really can start them early. That being said, since Tom has just started school, which is challenging him every day, I was worried about sending him to a class that would feel too much like work for him, and would the preschool class hold my two year-old’s attention?

    I needn’t have worried about either. Both classes were well suited to their age groups and the activities were fun and interactive and didn’t feel like ‘work’ at all. Kitty has a lovely nature and guided the children through each class well, involving them in storytelling, song and dance and even parachute and bubble fun, all the while peppering the class with words and phrases that the children repeat back and in time, understand.

    Tom picked up a few words immediately and there were a few children at his class who have been attending for a while and could sing some of the songs in Spanish with ease!Tom listened attentively throughout the class (I need some tips from Kitty on this one as he certainly isn’t so easy to entertain at home) and threw himself into all the activities…including telling the class he felt fantástico and helping to dress a bear according to the weather that day (FYI – rain hat with shorts and sunglasses!)

    Lois was a little shy during her class but she sat quietly, watching everything that was going on, and Kitty was great in engaging with her, so much so that she was full of beans for song and bubble time. She’s been saying Hola to anyone who will listen and pointing to her giraffe, calling him jirafa so I think it’s fair to say that she has given the class a big thumbs up.

    When you have long-term attendees I think that says a lot about a class. I would definitely recommend these classes to anyone looking for an introduction to Spanish for their child, or even just a class that’s a little different.

    Classes available:

    2-5 years – Tuesday – 1-1.30pm – Dunfermline East Church

    2-5 years – Saturday – 10-10.30am – Torbain Church, Kirkcaldy

    5-7 years – Saturday – 10.45-11.15am – Torbain Church, Kirkcaldy

    5-11 years – Tuesday – 3.15-4pm – Montrave Hall, Lundin Links

    For more information about the classes and prices you can contact Kitty through her Facebook page, on or by calling 07880 914777

    Claire was paid for this review, however the opinions expressed are entirely her own.

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