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HypnoBirthing and HypnoMothering in Fife




A recent quote:
‘HypnoBirthing was wonderful and useful, but HypnoMothering is truly indispensable to me’

Having experienced a 4-day, tough labour with my first daughter I undertook a HypnoBirthing course and sailed through the birth of my second daughter in 2.5 hours comfortably at home (by choice).

I have trained in the Mongan Method of HypnoBirthing which focuses on gentle, calm and natural childbirth.

HypnoBirthing gives women the confidence to give birth free of any unnecessary interventions. It empowers women to trust the female human body to be able to birth normally and with ease. Mothers who have given birth with HypnoBirthing broadcast the joy and accomplishment they felt.

HypnoBirthing believes that birth is natural, normal, and healthy, and that women should be able to conceive, nurture and give birth with dignity and reverence.

Classes include:

·         5 sessions at 2.5 hours each
·         HypnoBirthing book
·         Rainbow Relaxation and Birthing Affirmations CD or MP3
·         All course material
·         Refreshments

HypnoBirthing can totally change your view of the birthing process and take away the fear and apprehension. It can turn the expectation into something you will look forward to with a calm and positive approach.

Classes are run in Crossgates in a calm, relaxing environment. Please check out my website www.withcarly.com and feel free to pass on this information along with my details to any expectant mums.

I also offer Baby Massage classes and details of these can also be found on my website.





HypnoMothering is a (one-off) 2.5 hour class for mums to be, new mothers and mothers of infants. This fun, practical class teaches mothers easy and fast techniques to make the most of limited sleep, keep calm and balanced on challenging days, and find focus and mindfulness amidst the myriad of feelings that mothers face. Please get in touch for more details and class information

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