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Haud yer Wheesht! Silent Disco are a Fife based Silent Disco company that host both Adult Only party nights and Family (child-friendly) parties around Fife. We are also available for private hire bookings. Great for children’s birthday parties, club parties, school discos, fundraisers etc.

Haud yer Wheesht! provide the whole package, DJ, equipment and lighting! Each HYW DJ is capable of mixing three channels of music across the headphones that are guaranteed to keep all generations on the dancefloor, dancing and singing together!

Please check out our website and social media accounts for more information, pictures, videos, reviews etc and a full list of our public events. We are delighted to have recently surpassed 7k followers on Facebook and have a highly recommended business.

Our parties are totally unique and definitely a lot of fun for the kids, mums and dads and the grannys and grandads too!! We would definitely love to party with your family soon.

Contact details:

Telephone: 07736 047703
Email: hywsilentdisco@gmail.com


1 review

  1. Dancing to Your Own Song

    We were recently invited by the Haud Yer Wheesht team to experience their silent disco events and Claire and her family were the lucky reviewers on this occasion.

    If you have been living under a rock the last few years the gist is this…arrive at event, pop on some wireless headphones and pick your channel (there are 3 to choose from) dance your socks off and belt out your favourite tunes. Beware, the sound that hits your eardrums when you take your headphones off is…well….it’s something, that’s what it is 😉 That’s the beauty of it though, being able to let go and not care what anyone thinks, because everyone is dancing to their own tune…quite literally.

    We arrived, in full Halloween get up and after a quick demonstration, we were off partying. Our littlest took a while to get used to the whole set up and in fact, would only put the headphones on when we told her it was a song she liked…Baby Shark, Let it Go and The Music Man being favourites. Thankfully the team are clearly aware this type of thing happens so rather than it being completely silent, they have some quiet music on for those times you don’t have your headphones on. So she was able to dance happily to this music as and when she wanted. Me and the 7-year-old had the time of our lives and left tired, sweaty and happy. The husband…well he brought himself to dance a lot more than anyone was expecting so I call that success! We also had a good giggle at the fact we were all dancing together, but to different songs. And there’s nothing better than dancing to Guns and Roses and glancing across the dancefloor to see a group of people doing the macarena!

    We recommend getting along to a Haud Yer Wheesht Silent Disco soon. They are suitable for most ages. You have full control over your channels and volume so the wee ones can have music they love at a reasonable volume while the grown ups can enjoy some dance classics or 80s Rock as loud as you want. Not only that, they are great value for money at only £4 a ticket!

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