Futsal Escocia

Futsal Escocia is a coaching organisation that originated in Fife in 2015.

Our aim is to provide every child with the option of a futsal pathway from 3 years of age into adulthood, irrespective of age, race, religion, gender or ability.

You may wonder what futsal is. Futsal is an indoor version of football that originated in South America in the 1930s. Played with a smaller ball with less bounce in a smaller confined area means players get more touches of the ball and are required to think and play quicker. Futsal has helped develop some of the very best footballers in the world including, Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and as far back as Pelè.

All our sessions are tiered on age/ability to ensure players are playing in a challenging and fun environment. Sections include:

Niños – 3-5 years of age
Beginner – 5-7 years of age
Intermediate – 7-9 years of age
Advanced – 9-12 years of age
Teens – 13-17 years of age

Sessions have been extremely popular with around 175 children in Fife involved in futsal every week.

The Niños section for 3-5 year olds incorporates futsal, improving motor skills and learning Spanish!! Our new mascot Ricardo the Jaguar will be launched later this month as well.

Coaching is conducted by Futsal Escocia Qualified coaches. All coaches are Disclosure checked.

Full information on sessions and what else we do can be accessed on our website, www.futsalescocia.co.uk.

Russell Taylor
Futsal Escocia


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