Fife Rocks

Find a rock, Paint a rock, Hide a rock, Find more rocks!

Fife Rocks is a group for people and dogs who live in or are visiting Fife to join in for some fun. Absolutely anyone can join in and it’s absolutely free!  It gets everyone crafting, having fun and adventuring outdoors.

Its simple to take part too all you have to do is:

Paint a rock. Hide a rock. Find a rock. Re-hide the rock of keep it. Repeat. Have fun!

How to join in

The idea is that you paint or draw on rocks. On one side add a cute designs or message. On the reverse side write a message such as ‘Fife Rocks. Post on Facebook. Keep or re-hide me.’

Post on Fife Rocks Facebook Page with a picture and then hide your rock, leaving them for others to find.

If you find one, add a photo and a message to the Facebook page. Then either re-hide or keep it. Please make some more yourself to hide too, this is how the group grows.

Please keep all pictures and messages appropriate for all ages as children are joining in.

Please keep your children safe. Remember you don’t know everyone in the group.

Decorating Rocks

Waterproof paints like acrylic or pens like Sharpies work well. You can seal with outdoor varnish or nail polish.

Please consider the environment when hiding rocks. Glitter and stuck on objects may harm wildlife.

Please be respectful of rock sourcing. Many outdoor stores sell rocks.


Spread the word

Please spread the word so lots of families and dogs can join in. When you make a set of stones to hide why not post a photo on the Facebook page with a clue to where they will be hidden. Share photos of your creations and your finds.


join in on holiday

Did you know there are more rock hiding groups across Scotland? So why not take Fife rocks with you on your adventures and hide some further afield too.

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Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire Rocks, Scotland

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Anytime, Anywhere!

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