Fife Breastfeeding Cafe – Kirkcaldy

Who are we?
We are a drop-in baby group facilitated by volunteers – an ABM trainee breastfeeding counsellor and ABM peer supporters with regular support from a BFN breastfeeding counsellor.
We open every Monday, 10-11.30am @ 191 St clair Street Kirkcaldy and Term time Fridays 10am-11.30 at The Garage, Viewfield Church, Viewfield Terrace, Dunfermline.
We are also lucky to have 2    regular volunteer international board-certified lactation consultants affiliated with our groups.
Our primary aim is to offer a  relaxed and informal space for breastfeeding mums to get together, have a cuppa, some cake/fruit/toast in an environment where breastfeeding is the norm. Parents find this helpful for a variety of reasons – a chance to get a hot cuppa (!) made for them, a place to chat to other mums with babies and get reassurance that most baby behaviours (feeding, sleeping patterns etc) are totally normal, to get informal trained support, one to one/private support or to be signposted to the specialist breastfeeding team if they are experiencing issues.
We recognise the value ANY breastfeeding provides whether it is 6 mins, 6 months, 6 years! Our main aim is to support the mother to be confident and happy with her decision to continue or stop breastfeeding. We know that many mums stop breastfeeding earlier than they are happy with, due to lack of support or incorrect information and so we aim to provide an encouraging space where they can speak openly and receive correct, clinically evidenced information. We have mums who have exclusively breastfed, exclusively pumped, combi fed and weaned from the breast. Single, multiple and tandem feeding babies. We have parents of varying ages, nationalities, single parents, same sex parents – we welcome anyone who is interested in being supported to breastfeed their baby over a cuppa and cake.
Siblings are also welcome.

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