Be Your Own Hero

Fun and Interactive Empowerment Workshops

We offer empowerment workshops for kids and parents from toddlers to 100. Our Story Massage and wonderful therapeutic methods to calm the mind and body, all sessions are fun and interactive. All our workshops leaders  are qualified Therapists and hold PVG certificates. We also offer adults and work place workshops which include glass walks. Our workshops can be from 1 hour – to a full day and are specialy produced just for you to meet your requirements. We have  supported groups and business such as Brownies, Guides, Air Cadets, Emergency Services. Lloyds Banking, Virgin Money and many more.


Be Your Own Hero Empowerment Workshops:


  • Teaching childen how to love and care for themselves
  • Increase self-worth and confidence
  • Calm the body and mind
  • Teach fun tools that can be used any time
  • Fun and Interactive activities
  • Mindfulness and Story Massage Methods
  • Preventative measures based on NLP
  • All work shops are age relevant
  • Reduce Anxiety and Worry in Children
  • Increase positive communication and respect
  • Builds positive relationships
  • Increases focus and attention
  • Develolps responsible self-care


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Be Your Own Hero:

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