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Precious early learning for babies from Birth to 13 months. A magical world of sensory learning, wonder, exploration and extraordinary delights!


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  1. Having never attended any baby classes when her boys were wee, Jess was keen to head along to Baby Sensory West Fife and see what all the fuss was about. Grab a cuppa a read all about her experience.

    Puppet shows, Balloons and Bubbles with Baby Sensory West Fife.

    All the anticipation and nerves from being a new mum came flooding back as I made my way to the class. A newbie, a first timer and I knew no-one! Would there be cliques? Would everyone have a pal already? Would I be stared at?! Eek! It’s been almost 9 years since I nervously went to my first playgroup and this time I didn’t have a little one to hide behind.

    However, all my fears instantly disappeared as soon as I walked in the door of Our Lady of Lourdes Church Hall. Relaxing music was playing, the room was beautifully set up and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. I was greeted by Sam’s contagious smile and after a wee chat and welcoming other families, class begun.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from baby sensory, tickling with feathers? Games with cloth? Yes, all these things were done but there is so much more too! Through Sam’s nourishing tuition you learn so many new skills, in easy snippets that you can quickly pick up and take away with you to practice and use at home. From simple signs such as sun, moon and friends, some basic reflexology to help with teething and the reasons plus benefits behind each and every activity. Plus expert advice on milestones and abilities too.

    Babies learn more in their first year than any other time in their lives and at this class you’ll be learning just as much too! There is loads to take in and I’m sure every parent takes away something different each week depending on where their child is in their development. There were so many things I discovered that I wish I had known when my dudes were little; Ways to help brain and motor development, new activities to try at home and there are a whole host of YouTube videos so you can practice and sing along to the new songs too!

    This fun and accessible class, filled with colour, rich sensory experiences and learning, is ideal for parents and baby. Structured with 20 minutes focused activities, 20 minutes free play /socialising time and a final 20 minutes focused activities, it’s designed for you as much as it is for baby.

    Thank you so much to the lovely Sam for having me along (seriously guys, she’s fab!), and to all the lovely families for allowing me to capture some class moments too.

    Some extra information you may wish to know:

    Jess attended a Monday class at Our Lady of Lourdes Church Hall, Aberdour Rd, Dunfermline and travelled there by public transport. There is however plenty of parking at the hall and it is fully accessible for buggies with ramp access.

    This class is one of three held on a Monday and was for babies aged 0 – 6months. For a full timetable of classes please click here:…

    There are baby changing facilities in the hall or you are welcome to use your own mat and change in the hall. A bin for nappies is provided.

    Feeding is welcome at any point during the class, either on the mats or there are seats at the side, wherever and however you feel comfortable.

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