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Activity Delivered is the Home of the Birthday Party. With a choice of nine different activities we can cater for all age groups and interests, allowing everyone to take part in our unique experiences. With a portable, come-to-you service, you will never have to worry again about travelling miles to enjoy our fun-filled activities. 

In the last year we have delivered over 700 parties to Scotland and are changing the birthday party forever!

We strive to be on the cutting edge of birthday parties in the UK – creating and delivering new parties that have never been seen before.  Not only do we have fantastic offerings such as Nerf Wars, Tipi Cinemas and Indoor Mini Tipis to name a few, we are constantly developing and launching the next greatest ‘Talk of the Class’ party!

Increasingly popular are our tailored birthday parties that are completely written and designed for your dream party.  From start to finish we design a storyline, challenges and objectives that integrate our current parties but in a whole new way! This can be tailored round a particular location or your home and we can also offer a storyline that can run throughout the year for your whole family, developing chapters and at the end, the coolest ending ever!

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  1. Costa Del Dunfermline

    The idea of having a portable hot tub is appealing, relaxing in the cool Scottish summer with a glass of fizz (or orange juice for the littles) as the music plays and the bubbles transport you from the Costa del Dunfermline to somewhere a little more exotic.

    We were a bit concerned about the installation and use of a hot tub for the week that ‘Activity Delivered’ offered however these were unfounded.
    Delivery and installation was simple. Prior arranged and set up by the lovely Ashleigh who was not intrusive and before long our small garden to the rear of our semi detached house was transformed to a scene from a mediterranean villa with the hot tub covered by its very own marquee. Lit up with fairy lights this enables use throughout the day and evenings, rain or shine….obviously not an issue on the east coast of Scotland.

    After around 24 hours the water was piping hot (36 degrees) and ready for the 4 of us to jump (not literally) in.
    The tub itself was large and easily held the 4 of us with plenty space for the littles to play around and ‘swim’ lengths.
    You certainly don’t feel cramped and there is enough space to pour another drink.

    Throughout the weekend the littles were eager to use and despite the wet weather the hot tub was in constant use…we even had the mother-in-law visit to test it and she had a great time being on ‘holiday’.

    A few things you might like to know before hiring a hot tub:

    In terms of practically and noise, a hot tub, in general, is noisy and there is no real exception here. The jets pump the water into the hot tub at high pressure and that can be a bit noisy however when the jets were off the tub was deathly silent so you can enjoy your conversation without a noisy pump in the background.
    The hot tub requires to be switched on throughout the time it‘s onsite to maintain temperature . You don’t need to have an outdoor power point just one you can easily feed an extension cable from (supplied). We were also reliably informed it doesn’t break the bank to run the hot tub.
    If you opt to have a gazebo covering the pool (recommended) the hot tub needs to be on grass so this can be pegged down for safety. So you need to be prepared that your grass will get wet and a little damaged. As you may expect with 2 excited boys being the main users there was plenty of water being splashed in our garden, which in combination with the horrible weather that came during that weekend meant our garden resembled that off a festival after use. The tub also left some minor damage to our lawn when removed but this was to be expected with a 36 degree tub of hot water sitting on a patch of grass for a few days….let’s just say if you love your lawn manicured this probably isn’t the party feature for you.

    However we absolutely LOVED it, would highly recommend hiring a hot tub from the wonderful team at Activity Delivered and can certainly see the attraction of having one of these for a weekend of fun or a party!!

    The memories that the kids and we as a family made over the few days with the tub, plus the joy and laughter from the two wee boys made the whole experience totally worthwhile. To them, this was bliss…being on holiday at home.

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